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Herban Cowboy Body Wash, Forest, 18 Ounce.

Herban Cowboy Body Wash, Forest, 18 Ounce.

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Herban Cowboy is recognized globally as a vegan and cruelty free pioneer of plant-based infused personal care. No SLS Added - Some companies think you need to add SLS to attain great suds or lather. Not us. Our great smelling body washes lather well and rinse clean- for the fresh out of the shower feeling all WITHOUT adding SLS to our formulas. Family Owned Company - you purchase = your investment. When you purchase Herban Cowboy. you're supporting a 100% family owned. American business. We work with small suppliers and manufacturers throughout the United States and Canada to provide high quality products that we're proud to share with you! Essential Oil Enhanced Scents - we use the same sophisticated scents found in our colognes and perfumes. Prestige fragrance quality – we go beyond the traditional vegan offerings of just lavender or pine. We've been recognized internationally by leading publications for our noteworthy fragrances. Cruelty-Free & Vegan - We never test on animals … ever…period. And. our ingredients are vegan certified.

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